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Cause(s) of Diseases and Healing Opportunities  
Energy-informational Cause(s) of Health Problems

The cause of any individual’s poor health is in their Mind!
Learning to be Healthy!


The aim of the books from the Love Almanac series, of the poems, parables and Poetic Meditation Practices is to teach people the Science of Awakening Consciousness and to raise vibrations to the “HIGH SPIRITUAL“ level.  These books will help each awakened soul to live in the awareness and clarity of radiating pure consciousness into their surrounding space.
I believe and hope that every individual healed will awaken relatives, friends and numerous people around them, and life on our beautiful blue planet will soon change for the better.
We all strive for LOVE and HAPPINESS.          
Why not start ourselves by emitting what we are eager to get? In this book the author presents her vision of the Cause of human diseases, based on her vast experience as a Healer and Teacher. All causes of disease have over and over again been confirmed through reoccurrence of cases the Author had to work with.
Every disease has its Cause. By removing the cause, the disease will leave our space.  Healing takes place without drugs and operations, but by changing our thinking.
This book contains no logical reasoning or invented stories.
This book was written in the hope of helping to Heal People.

We have the right to accept or reject Spiritual Knowledge and to find the causes of a disease or we can go the easiest way by removing the sick organ or cutting off the part of it. But if we ignore the cause of the disease, our Karmic Observers will prepare another situation for us. Moreover, in this case we must be aware that the next situation can be much harder than the previous one...
A person with a pure mind can see and understand his/her inner world. He/she knows what form a certain body organ is shaped, how the body system is structured and operates through the communication between the Spirit, Soul and Body.
One can see or feel faults, changes in cells and tissues, understand what should be done to remove the disease and heal the cell, returning it to the original state. How can this be achieved? You should live in Joy and Gratitude for all that you have, properly acquire life experiences, learn to forgive and to release what is unnecessary within ...
When you live in harmony with the Universe, you will not only be healthy and heal yourself, but if you wish, you can serve as a healing tool for the Light Healers. Through you the Wisdom of Universe will implement its Evolutionary Development Programs and you at this point, will be a conductor. You can become a Teacher, aware that other Holy Teachers are teaching through you and you are merely voicing their word...
Do I want to be healed and heal others?
Do I want to learn?
Do I want to leave a positive trace on the earth for mankind?
Welcome to the wonderful World of LIGHT!

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