“I don’t do anything special, I just help people reemerge from under the weight of the oppressive emotional material that has overwhelmed them. I teach that all problems of humanity arise from our inability to Love. To Love means to forgive”.


Emmilia – is  a Teacher and a  Healer, Grandmaster of Cosmoeniopsychology ,Winner of the Healers Contest “New Methods of Healing” held in Moscow, Russia in February 2009, granted highest Category of Rights to teach. Already the Healing Centre she founded in Mount st. is seven years old.

Through the light of her touch, she has helped to heal so many people. Her clients have come to her with a variety of symptoms, stress, depression, back pain, cancers, and even AIDS as well as psychological problems.

Emmilia believes that there are no incurable diseases- but there are perhaps, people who don’t allow themselves to be healed. In St. Mark’s Gospel, it says “If you believe – you will lay your hands on the man -  and he will be healed. If your belief is the size of  mustard seed –you can heal yourself.”

When a disease takes hold and is diagnosed as one thing or another, this is merely to say that it has reached a point of intensity, where the body is outwardly manifesting a stressed inner emotional state which has persisted for some time. This stress will be in response to encountering some situation, which is seen as negative. People lose sight of Love at these times. Emmilia opened her school in order to teach people how to live more healthily. Even acient Tibetan Monks teach that all human diseases are caused by the seven deadly sins. Who is immune to these temptations? So I teach, Love. “Treat others as you would like to be treated. In other words “love thy neighbor””. We need learn how to love, safely. By understanding ourselves we can protect our soul, and learn to understand and love others.

It is our invincible belief that whatever a human being  needs, is hidden inside himself, timeless, inside his soul. The door to these abilities just needs to be opened, it is not locked.
Heaven is not external and imaginary to be chased in all directions, it is inside and simply requires us to be in inner harmony. Only then we will find happiness.

We all know that a happy person is a wise person and accepts all life’s situations as lessons. But to become that sort of person you have to work hard. For happiness we need three energies; Hope, Belief and Love.

If we follow the right path, we gain experience and knowledge and our spiritual helpers can be invoked.

The strength of the country is in unity, so too each individual has to maintain inner unity in order to be able to share.

Insights of all sorts are available for those who are ready to receive them. Many apples had fallen before Newton’s moment of inspiration.

Wise people say, when I was clever I was trying to change the world. But when I became wise, I started to change myself. In order to do so, we need to detach ourselves from situations in order to move forward freely.
By looking for the truth we become aware of eternity.

Emmilia offers courses at three levels. First, love yourself and understand your energy flows.  The second level deals with self-healing practices by addressing emotional causes not just physical symptoms. Once levels one and two are mastered and the student has taken charge of their own emotional health, level three can be used to gain the skills to help others.


What is holistic healing about ?

Healing is the natural way in which all imbalances are rectified so that the symptoms of the stress or illness can be controlled. Sometimes our own natural ability to heal ourselves cannot cope so we need a boost up from help of others.

If you are ill or have a disease, it means that there is an imbalance between your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Healing is the act of getting rid of all the imbalances and creating harmony with the Soul.

The words whole, holy and heal come from the same word meaning Oneness. They are all the same. So the process of healing is the journey back to Wholeness - harmony with self, others, environment.

Healing is basically about returning the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects back to balance, wholeness and harmony.
Holistic healing works on four levels:

Physical: To relieve pain
Emotional: Release emotional baggage, attachments
Mental: Release negative thought forms, habits

Spiritual: Discover your true purpose, release karma

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