"The Sun"

Hello my Dear Friends. Light a candle, and have a talk with the candle flame. Candle flame is a part of Divine Fire, which can help you in neutralisation of negative energy and information, clarify your space at home and in your inner world. Find a comfortable and cosy position. We begin our meditation.
Close your eyes. Direct the sight on vision of your inner world. Relax your body: head, brain, the right hemisphere, the left hemisphere, eyes, hearing, breath, mouth, skin, face muscles and bones.
Head, relaxing, becomes warm and quiet as though the soft, easy light painted in a dairy colour envelops it. This colour envelops your head, and you are dipped in a white, relaxing light. The perfect calmness, which is slowing down a current of thoughts, joins a head and through time you cease to think.
You feel light, warmth, calmness, feel silent and quiet vibrations of white colour, and through time start to see this world. It awakens in you a sensation of cleanliness, freshness and calmness. This color relaxes your head, removing blocks from sense organs. Light extends and starts to envelop a white wadded coverlet around your neck, entering inside your throat, filling all muscles, nerves, sinews, bones. White colour enters with your breath, removes speech and acoustical blocks, deducing this information outside of your body, and aura, and dissolves them in a flame of a candle which is near you.
White energy envelops your breast, relaxing your muscles, bones, thorax bodies. Breath blocks at sensual levels are removed. Blocks of the lungs symbolising internal freedom are liberated. White, fluffy energy envelops the solar plexus and stomach, relaxing all organs in your body. White light envelops hips, feet, hands, and you completely plunge into white, which freely gets into all systems of an organism, in every organ, every cell, releasing pressure and relaxing your body completely.
The sensation of your body is gone, as if it dissolved in white foam of the net energies clearing your body organs and cells, clearing your feelings. This white colour works on cells of your consciousness, removing the blocking erroneous beliefs imposed on you by society, your family, in the course of education.
You start to feel yourself differently, in a new way. You start to understand, bathing in white energies that you are not just a body. Your inner ‘you’ awakens and starts to clear up and learn new sensations of purification and lightness.
It surprises you.
You are in this white color, bathe in it and feel the unification of yourself with the world. You recollect the past, happiness of your childhood, which was similar to this soft, weightless, white color.
You start to feel the interesting processes occurring in the centre of your heart. The pleasure, sincere, warm, pure and trembling feelings start to awaken. The enjoyment starts to radiate other light, it is similar to sun light. Light sparkling and shining, gentle, kind and happy. In the centre of your heart this light also clears up. It grows, and soon already fills your heart from within, warming it, in an instant and light starts to extend round the heart, disseminating millions of pure beams.
Your heart wakes up, your soul wakes up.
One of the most active beams recollects the brightest, whence it has come – it moves upwards, towards a heavenly body, the Father.
It rises in the sky and touches the Sun!
The sun draws your beam as a strong magnet and connects you to itself, and lets you in to it’s warm circle.
You bathe in the House of the Father,
to you it is joyful and is light, you become a part of the sun, you are dissolved in it and you can feel the force of high vibrations earlier unknown to yourself. When you finish the bathe in this, in a lot of solar energy, you get the beam, which carries you back to Earth.
You move downwards in the Channel of the consciousness. You move towards your body, enter into it and start to realize a sunlight. It touches your hair, stroking them as though combing, and it reminds you of the hands of your mother. Your mother stroked your head, putting in parental love. Before your look at the image of your mother clears up, you see her face, smiling warm eyes, you feel the love which is radiated on you now, at this moment.
Mum! Mummy! I love you! Forgive me, mum that I didn’t speak about love with you earlier. I love you, you know I do!
Your soul sings, developing in reply to vibrations of the energy of love of the soul. Mum's hands stroking your head, shoulders and you let in yourself the power of the Sun, force and cleanliness of a solar beam.
Light joins the cerebral cortex and is absorbed like a sponge. Light reaches the head gland and goes down to the centre of the first charka, it is turning in this gentle violet Wheel and it is just above your head, turning to a warm hormone.
This hormone develops Light as warm, crystal-clear, moisture, it appears in the cells of the cerebral cortex, renewing them.
Light continues to arrive in your head and this hormone spreads allover your body. It fills the brain cells and brings it a bright light. Brain cells are filled with light and restored completely, renewing information among them. The brain starts to light up, developing the light impulses between the cells, bodies and systems.
Light flows without obstacles into your eyes, filling it with warmth, light improves sight and visual perception of the world. Light flows into the nose, ears, mouth and throat.
Light fills thorax with pleasure and warmth. Heart radiates light even more brightly, gives freedom and health. Lungs receive strength and correctly adjusts the chest space, liberating the path of the light. The sunlight flows into the solar plexus, filling with light and heat in the stomach, pancreas, spleen, liver and bile.
Light warms, light fills, light restores energy stocks in the solar plexus and restores digestion and mentality. Light brings calmness.
Heat of the sun gets into the stomach and restores energy for the kidneys, adrenal glands, intestines, and genitals. The shame of the body is cleaned. It showed warmth and light in each cell of an organism.
The sun removes blocks from channels of the feet. Feet are filled with warmth. Feet are filled with light as though the strong beam has educated them. The sun removes blocks from your aura and has begun to vibrate on purer light. Radiating light around you.
The sun rejoices, heats and shines even more brightly – in reply to light and love of a source of a life it has lighted one more shining sun. It bears your name. It’s you. To you it is joyful. The happiness and health fills your inner private world and is radiated round you in your aura, that then is free to shine to another and to shine your life. You feel a warm body, hands, feet and organs.
You are filled with pleasure of freedom, you are filled with light.
Your head is clear and light. Your body has rested completely and healthy. The aura strong and pure, protects you from negative energies.
Thanks to all who helped us in this meditation! Thank the mother Earth and the father the Creator! Thanks to the Sun which supports life in the Solar system together with our lives! Open your eyes. Smile to the Universe. Meditation is finished. Thank you!

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