Client’s feed back

I am very grateful to Emmilia for bringing me back to life. I came to the Emmilia’s centre after being diagnosed with hepatitis and tuberculosis. The doctors said that my lymphatic system was not operating and that I should start preparing for the worse. I was all ill and depressed and preparing to die soon. Having a choice of going into heavy medication or curing by light and meditation I choosed the latter. When I came to the centre I was still dubious about the outcome of healing mostly because I expected the miracle that all the diseases would disappear at instant. Emmilia started a healing course with me. After our first session I felt like flying and all my body filled with light and purity. I felt better and better after our sessions. Emmilia also taught me how to keep myself healthy in mind and in body. Now after six months in the centre my life had changed completely. I became full of life, capable of cooping with life changes and healthy. We are still doing the sessions but mostly for checking the progress now.

I wish to thank you Emmilia for saving my life.
Dublin 2009

I work as a psychologist in Latvia. For many years I had problems with my breathing which were blocking my speech. I repeatedly visited different medical experts, but unfortunately it did not bring any effect. I used different psychological methods which I was aware of that can help to free blockages but it did not work either. Being on holiday in Dublin I had only three sessions with Emmilia. But to my pleasure I have received full healing! My attitude to life has changed completely . I learnt how to value simple things in life. I learnt how to forgive parents and how to cope with children behaving not the way I expect them to, and released fears which became the reason of the former illness.

Alexandra. Riga 2009

I have been an alcoholic for a long time. My drinking sessions lasted for two weeks sometimes longer. I became a student of Emmilia’s school and had been attending healing sessions. I found a great interest in meditation and a scuba diving. It helped me to see the world in a different way. Now I am married and I do not need alcohol to feel happy. I transformed my self into a different person with Emmilia’s help.  

Ajgar. Dublin 2009

My name is Lilia. I am from the Ukraine, but permanently living in Ireland. I found a lump in my breast and that was the reason I came to Emmilia. I had one session with Emmilia and then we left on holidays, my breast didn’t bother me since then. Two years have passed since I last visited Emmilia, and I am in perfect condition. I am very grateful to Emmilia for her help and healing!

Lilia, Dublin


My name is Tatyana. I suffered from severe pains in my waist. I couldn’t even lean to put shoes on. Doctors suggested an operation on my spine, but I was afraid of what the consequences might be if it went badly. I had five sessions with Emmilia. I was getting better with every session. So I have cured my back not only without an operation, but also without tablets. Now every time when I feel like I need to recharge my batteries I go to Emmilia.

Tatyana, West Меаth

My name is Yuriy. I am from Ukraine. I had been suffering from psoriasis for a long time, many times had been admitted to the hospital and couldn’t imagine my life without pills. Adrenal glands refused to function. The  whole body was completely covered by flaking off ulcers. I had no energy and desire to live. My father’s friend recommended Emmilia as he was the client of her already. I was a liitle bit afraid at the beginning, as I didn’t know what to expect. My body was poisoned by medicine. I thought nothing is going to work, Emmilia ensured me that all I need to do is to believe!slowly but surely session  after session my body started to heal, I was eagerly waiting eagerly for the session each week. Eight months later my body has fully cleared.
I got back to normal again. My spirit got stronger, I am very grateful to Emmilia for bringing me back to Life, I wish to other people who were diagnosed with psoriasis to follow my path.!

Yuriy, Ukraine

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